Please note: Only debit or credit cards are able to be used to repay your Zip Biz & Zip Pay account.
Zip Money does not accept credit cards as repayment options.

Follow these steps to add a new debit card as your preferred payment method for Zip repayments.

  • Navigate to 'Payment Methods'
  • Select 'Add Payment Method'
  • Enter the details of the card you'd like to add, and decide if you would like the card to be your default payment method, then click 'Save'
Web wallet

Good to know: A $1 charge might appear on your statement, but this is only a pending charge to verify that the card is active, and will drop off within a couple of days.

Make sure that the card you are attempting to add is

  • Active, not expired, and has sufficient funds on it
  • Not already used on another Zip account not in your name.

If you are still having any issues adding a card then please reach out to our team here.