Part Pay Fee

Activating Part Pay will enable you to pay a minimum of 1/4 of your Statement Balance.

If activated a 2.5% fee applies to the Outstanding Statement Balance. 

The Part Pay Fee will be displayed and must be accepted by you to activate Part Pay.

Late FeeIf the Minimum Repayment Amount is not paid by the Due Date, a 1.5% fee will be added to your account on any outstanding balance.

This is calculated monthly from the Due Date.
Dishonour Fee
A bank dishonour fee may be applied if a scheduled payment was rejected/ dishonoured by the bank due to insufficient funds or incorrect bank account details. This charge covers the costs incurred by our bank.

Fees we are not charging:

  • No establishment fees
  • No annual fees
  • No paper statement fees
  • No payment processing fees
  • No account closure fees
  • No credit limit increase fees and 
  • No other hidden fees!

That’s it!